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Esther was commissioned by central London offices, Risk First, to create artwork for their reception area.  This commission was carried out both in her studio and also in situ.  The artwork was commissioned to reflect and visually communicate the essence of the organisation.  Esther interpreted this to include the ambition and dynamism of Risk First, creating bold, expressive and energetic artwork which was painted directly onto the walls as well as onto large canvases, transforming their reception area and bringing it to life.  

Esther was incredible at helping us to develop a vision for artwork that represented our business and environment, and worked very collaboratively throughout the entire project.


We represented a challenging commission due to the shape of the area we wanted the art for, but Esther's pieces were conceived and developed to complement and enhance the space.  Esther delivered on time and the artwork was beautifully completed

Darren Best, Chief Financial Officer, Risk First, Aldgate Tower, London

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